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A brand dedicated to honouring urban and hip-hop culture, VYB3 & Co. first laid down roots as a hip-hop blog in 2018. It quickly became a hub for topics & events on hip-hop culture and music in and outside the GTA. Since then, the female-owned business expanded into an apparel line, encouraging individuals to lead with authenticity and unapologetically stand in their truth – no gossip or gimmicks, we cover what matters; artistry, creativity and ambition. VYB3 & Co. focuses on showcasing & contributing to hip hop’s legacy, exchanging with hip hop enthusiasts and uplifting the vulnerable urban community.


We support the 41% of women who make up the hip-hop audience.


We embody art, creativity, authenticity and respect.


We are for the people.


Join us in resurrecting the culture. 


For many, first loves come in the form of a human connection. But for Jency, born and raised in Jane and Finch, poetry was one of the first special bonds she formed at 11 years old - partly after being introduced to Tupac Shakur’s ‘The Rose That Grew From Concrete’. Later, poetry led her to develop an attraction for icons like Biggie, Nas & Wu-Tang Clan, alongside an appreciation of the lyricism and performance that came with the art form.


Despite holding a PR diploma and being the powerhouse behind VYB3 & Co., initially, Jency wasn’t 100% convinced about owning a brand, especially as a woman in a male-dominated industry. Thanks to her consistency, determination, accountability and faith in God, she was able to breathe life into the project. Another pivotal moment was being let go from a long-awaited managerial promotion in the corporate world.


As challenging as that was, at that moment, Jency realized that if she could reach and surpass multiple corporate goals, nothing could get in the way of achieving her dreams. And so, VYB3 & Co. was born with a specific vision for the future. A future that encourages kids to fulfil their wishes, instilling pride in underprivileged communities and creating growth opportunities. One where women in hip-hop aren’t questioned on whether or not they belong. A future where youth don’t ever have to wonder if their presence and ideas are worthy.


Jack Nicholson once said, “I don't want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.” And for Ziggy, a fond nickname given to Jency by neighbourhood locals, VYB3 & Co. aims to be a base from which her environment can bloom.

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