As a proud member and dedicated listener of hip hop music and culture, VYB3 wanted to offer hip hop fans a platform and brand that represented their love and passion for this musical and cultural entity. So, J, VYB3’s founder and CEO, launched VYB3 in 2016. VYB3 debuted as a hip hop blog covering local hip hop artists and events alongside original topic ideas and discussions pertaining to hip hop culture and music.
Shortly after VYB3 designed its apparel line and released its first clothing collection named ‘Bones’ with the debut of its sweaters and toques and is set to expand its apparel items in 2018. VYB3’s objective is to bring raw hip hop discussions to its fans and to discuss the sh** that matters in hip hop music and culture; we’re not with the gossip or gimmicks. We wanted hip hop enthusiasts to have their own stamp in the world through a brand that they could relate to and that understands and respects the history, culture and legacy hip hop has created and continues to create.

Join us in resurrecting the culture.

Thank you,

Jency Abarca - Founder of VYB3.COM


Jency Abarca (Founder and Editor)

Jency is a devoted hip hop lover, spoken word poet and writer. The first time she fell in love
with hip hop was when she heard Killing Me Softly by The Fugees. She has a passion for hip hop
culture and becomes irritable when exposed to mumble rap or weak lyrics. She does not

believe in being politically correct and is so blunt you can smoke her truth.

Connect with J on
Instagram: @ambitionovereverything_


Aissatou Bah (Co-editor)

Aissatou is a creative storyteller with an educational background in PR. When she's not writing
or editing, she's most likely absorbing what the City of Toronto has to offer in terms of music,
arts, culture and food.

Connect with Aissatou on
Instagram: @aissatou.tb

Shardae McPherson (Creative director & Graphic designer)

Shardae is new to the #JeepLife and a fur mom to a crazy puppy. She believes in super chill
vibes and is down to go anywhere as long as there's food involved. At VYB3 she mostly deals
with the creative and graphic side of things. Helping friends live out their dreams and goals
push her through this thing called LIFE and that’s why she loves being a part of a VYB3.


If you want to check out her puppy Sammy, here's his Instagram: @sammymcdoodle.

Mauricio Tobar (Video content director/Executive producer)

Mauricio Tobar is a Toronto born-raised Videographer/Creative Director. From an early age,
growing up in the heart of Jane and Finch, he established a love for hip-hop, from the style of
clothing to the music. 
During his teen years, film took on a huge role in his life and from the moment he purchased his
first camera, he's been bringing his vision to life through his work.
Mauricio has worked on various projects including: Music Videos, Weddings/ Engagement
videos, and Short films. He continues to strive for greatness when being behind the camera. 

Be sure to follow him on
Instagram: @blackoutproductions_
YouTube: Blackout Productions (Mauricio Tobar)
Facebook: Blackout Productions

"Creativeness does not come from the camera, it comes from the heart."

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