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A brand dedicated to honouring urban and hip-hop culture, VYB3 & Co. first laid down roots as a hip-hop blog in 2018. It quickly became a hub for topics & events on hip-hop culture and music in and outside the GTA.

Since then, the female-owned business expanded into an apparel line, encouraging individuals to lead with authenticity and unapologetically stand in their truth – no gossip or gimmicks, we cover what matters; artistry, creativity and ambition.


VYB3 & Co. focuses on showcasing & contributing to hip hop’s legacy, exchanging with hip hop enthusiasts and uplifting the vulnerable urban community.


We support the 41% of women who make up the hip-hop audience.


We embody art, creativity, authenticity and respect.


We are for the people.


Join us in resurrecting the culture. 

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For many, first loves come in the form of a human connection. But for Jency, born and raised in Jane and Finch, poetry was one of the first special bonds she formed at 11 years old - partly after being introduced to Tupac Shakur’s ‘The Rose That Grew From Concrete’. Later, poetry led her to develop an attraction for icons like Biggie, Nas & Wu-Tang Clan, alongside an appreciation of the lyricism and performance that came with the art form.


Despite holding a PR diploma and being the powerhouse behind VYB3 & Co., initially, Jency wasn’t 100% convinced about owning a brand, especially as a woman in a male-dominated industry. Thanks to her consistency, determination, accountability and faith in God, she was able to breathe life into the project. Another pivotal moment was being let go from a long-awaited managerial promotion in the corporate world . . .






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