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Legends Never Die

Christopher Rios, best known as, Big Punisher was the first Latino emcee to go double platinum with his ‘Capital Punishment’ album back in ’98. Born in Bronx, New York Punisher was exposed to struggling circumstances at the early age of 15 with the passing of his father and his mothers’ struggle with drug addiction.

Best known for his intricate rhymes and his flows ability of spitting into the mic without becoming breathless, Pun soon grabbed the attention of rapper, Fat Joe in 1995. His lyrical talent was not to be overlooked which led Pun to his first lyrical debut on Fat Joe’s track, ‘Watch out’. The two formulated a relationship in and outside of the studio booth and quickly took New York by storm as members of the Terror Squad group.

Pun went on to sign a record contract with Loud Records leading to the release of his first debut hit, ‘I’m not a player’ which rose to the top of hip-hop charts, sitting comfortably at No.3. His album ‘Capital Punishment’ slapped hip-hop listeners with a variety of melodies and rhymes and sold more than 2 million copies.

The words and flow Pun gave his listeners were uncensored and authentic in the hip-hop game. He embedded his complex rhymes with unique syllables, tongue-twisting metaphors, and a lyrical structure that was no competition during his uprising and that still, till this day, can go untouched or unrepeated.

What makes Pun even more remarkable was how his flow could last on only one gulp of air; not for anything but keep in mind that we are talking about 400LBS of greatness. I’m 158 LBS and I still need to come up for air in mid conversation, yet Pun would unleash some his dirtiest lines without needing a break; I N S A N E!

His verses offered audiences variety as well; he could illustrate his street mentality, warning you to look both ways before crossing him or he could be that ladies’ man; smooth, flirtatious and an unapologetic Mack daddy.

Pun, unfortunately passed at the young age of 28 of a massive heart attack. His rhymes are remembered today as vicious and venomous and are truly missed in the hip-hop game.

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